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Kyvalley was first settled in 1873 by selectors and their families, a school being built in 1887 to accommodate the growing number of children.

The Tatura to Echuca train line was opened in 1887 after much petitioning by local residents, and passes through the centre of Kyvalley.

Later in 1911, the district was sub-divided under the Closer Settlement Plan, smaller lots being developed into orchards and dairying as irrigation was introduced to the region bringing more people into the community. It was a time when there was a great deal of growth and community spirit leading to the establishment of a Presbyterian Church in 1913 followed closely by a Tennis Club and in 1926, after much fundraising, a Hall.

Electricity came to the district at the end of World War 2 with most farms connected by 1950.

There is a local history book available called "...And They Called It Kyvalley" Contact Bev Williams for further information.